Sweet Spot (Tennis)

Sweet Spot on a Tennis Racket

The sweet spot is the part of a tennis racket where impact results in the least vibration, granting more power and less shock.

The location of the sweet spot is near the racket’s strings’ center, slightly higher than the middle. To identify the sweet spot, look for the area with minimal vibration when tapping the racket.

Sweet spot in tennis
The pink dot shows the sweet spot in tennis.

Tips to Hit the Racket’s Sweet Spot

  1. Use a dampener to reduce vibration.
  2. Ensure your grip isn’t too tight.
  3. Maintain appropriate string tension.
  4. Opt for rackets with larger head sizes for a bigger sweet spot.
  5. Add weight to the racket for more power and ease in finding the sweet spot.

Dead Spot on a Tennis Racket

The dead spot is the region that causes the most vibration. Hitting the ball here means less power and more arm shock.

How to Hit the Sweet Spot

Aim for the high middle third of the racket, approximately midway up the stringbed to about two inches above.


The sweet spot is an essential area on a tennis racket that minimizes vibration, located slightly above the string bed’s center.

Proper usage and understanding can significantly enhance one’s tennis game.