2023 Padel Stats: The Latest Insights and Trends

Padel’s meteoric rise has taken the sports world by storm, simultaneously attracting millions of players across 110 countries.

Notably, its unique combination of accessibility and excitement has positioned it as one of the fastest-growing sports globally.

In this piece, we’ll explore the current trends and insights in padel, focusing on its global rise and possible Olympic inclusion.

Key Padel Main Stats 2023.
Key Padel Stats 2023.

Key Takeaways in 2023

  • Padel, with 25 million players in 110 countries, is booming, promoted globally by the International Padel Federation.
  • More than 40.000 padel Courts around the world.
  • Its appeal stems from a smaller court, less equipment, and an easier learning curve than other racket sports.
  • With a market possibly hitting US$327 million by 2023 and potential Olympic inclusion, it receives substantial support from governing bodies.

Global Padel Popularity: The Numbers

the Interest in Padel stats
Interest in Padel Over Time.

Padel’s global appeal is growing, supported by its accessibility, enjoyment, and backing from the International Padel Federation (FIP).

The FIP has significantly contributed to the sport’s development by providing essential resources and support.

International Padel Federation

The FIP, the world governing body for padel, has an integral part in promoting the sport globally and inspiring more individuals to participate.

With its initiatives, padel is gaining popularity in various regions, including Europe and the Middle East, where the sport is experiencing significant growth.

Padel vs. Other Racket Sports

racket sport Court Dimensions
Court Dimensions.

Padel’s popularity is rising due to its advantages like smaller court size, minimal equipment, and easy learning curve. Its fast pace and social aspect make it enjoyable and broadly appealing.

Padel Court Expansion 2023

padel stats: Padel Courts By Country in 2023
Padel Courts By Country 2023

The construction of padel courts and tennis court facilities is booming, with over 40,000 courts worldwide and significant growth in Europe.

The annual growth rate of padel courts in Europe is estimated at 26%, reflecting the increasing demand for this exciting sport and the need for more padel courts.

In Spain, Sweden Italy and Argentina lead in the number of padel courts, while countries like, Portugal , France, and the Belgium show high growth potential.

padel Courts By Country
Padel Courts By Country 2023

Expansion of Padel Courts across Europe

Projected number of courts in Europe
Padel stats: Projected number of padel courts in Europe.

As of 2023, out of the more than 40,000 recognized padel courts worldwide, a substantial number, approximately 31,401, are situated in Europe.

Projections indicate a robust annual growth rate of 26%, resulting in an anticipated total of 66,908 padel courts by the year 2025, as reported by sources including Padel Lands, All For Padel, and various local federations.

Countries contributing data for this statistic include Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway.

Padel Courts by Region in 2023

padel stats: Interest in Padel By Region
Interest in Padel By Region in 2023.

In countries like Spain, Sweden and Finland, padel courts outnumber tennis courts. This is a clear indication that the sport of padel is seeing exceptional growth..

In Italy and Sweden, the growth rate of padel court construction from 2019 to 2022 is anticipated to be over 300%, with these countries expected to become the most significant ones after Spain.

This surge in padel court construction highlights the sport’s increasing popularity and the demand for more facilities to accommodate the growing number of players.

Club Owners and Investment

Club owners and investors are increasingly recognizing the sport’s potential and investing in padel court construction. Some notable investors in padel include:

  • Francesco Belloni
  • Zlatan Ibrahimović
  • Qatar Sports Investments
  • The Maloof family
  • Tommy Haas
  • Rucio Investments

The growing popularity of padel has led to increased investments in the sport. Here are some reasons why investors are drawn to padel:

  • Its potential for profitable returns
  • The prospect of padel becoming an Olympic sport
  • The cost-effective entry point with the potential for significant returns

As the sport continues to grow and gain recognition, it presents an attractive opportunity for investors.

Demographics of Padel Players

The demographics of padel players reveal a diverse participant range, and with a slight prevalence of males as well as a portion of tennis players transitioning to padel.

Specifically, it is estimated that men comprise approximately 60-65% of padel players, while women make up the remaining 35-40%.

Furthermore, around 10-15% of tennis players have made the transition to padel, which is substantiated by padel statistics.

Gender Distribution

Padel Players by Gender 2023
Padel Players by Gender in 2023.

The gender distribution in padel is fairly balanced, with 62.45% men and 37.55% women.

This shows that padel is a sport that appeals to a wide range of participants and encourages both male and female players to enjoy the game.

Tennis Players Transitioning to Padel

padel stats: Padel and Tennis Players By Country
Padel and Tennis Players By Country in 2023.

Tennis players, including professionals, are increasingly taking up padel due to its similarities and complementary skill sets.

The transition of tennis players to padel has had a beneficial effect on the expansion of the sport, contributing to its growth and increasing popularity.

Padel and Tennis Players By Country  2023
Padel and Tennis Players By Country in 2023.

World Padel Tour

Pro players winning tournament

The World Padel Tour features the finest talent in the sport, with Spanish players leading the rankings amid an increasing number of worldwide tournaments.

In 2023, professional padel players have the potential to bag €8.25 million in prize money, a testament to the sport’s growing prominence and allure.

Top Players and Rankings

Spanish players make up the majority of top-ranked padel players, both in men’s and women’s categories. The highest-ranked players on the World Padel Tour are:

This demonstrates the dominance of Spanish players in the sport, especially in the doubles game.

padel stats: List of Top 10 Men's Padel Players
List of Top 10 Men’s Padel Players.

In the women’s category, Beatriz González, Marta Ortega, and Alejandra Salazar have the most followers on Instagram as of June 2023, further highlighting the influence of Spanish players in the padel world.

padel stats: List of Top 10 women's Padel Players
List of Top 10 women’s Padel Players.

Tournament Growth

Premier Padel Tournament Awards
Premier Padel Tournament Awards in 2023.

The number of padel tournaments is increasing, with 55 major events scheduled for 2023, offering €8.25 million in prize money.

This growth in tournaments not only showcases the sport’s rising popularity but also provides more opportunities for players to compete and excel on the international stage.

The Leading Padel Competitions in countries
Leading Padel Competitions in 2023.

Top Padel Racket Brands Preferred by Amateurs

Playtomic’s recent survey of 10,000 enthusiasts revealed the most popular racket brands they use. Here’s the breakdown:

Babolat leads the way, with 16% of players favoring their rackets. Following closely are Bullpadel and Adidas, securing 13% and 9% of the player preference, respectively.

With such a varied market landscape, observers of padel are curious to see if this diversification narrows as the sport evolves.

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Market Size and Forecast

The padel market size is estimated at $327 million in 2023, with a forecasted growth of 9.6% through 2027. This significant growth reflects the increasing global interest in the sport and the expanding market for padel equipment and accessories.

The popularity of padel is growing rapidly, with more and more people taking up the sport and joining padel clubs to play padel, and many have already played padel.

Padel’s Potential as an Olympic Sport

the logo of the Olympics
Olympics logo.

The prospect of including padel in the Olympics presents both hurdles and opportunities, backed by governing bodies like the International Padel Federation and a surge in global interest in the sport.

As padel continues to expand and gain recognition, it is possible that the sport may one day be included in the Olympic Games.

Governing Body Support

The International Padel Federation and other organizations like the World Padel Tour are actively pushing for padel’s inclusion in the Olympics.

Consequently, with their support and efforts, padel’s chances of becoming an Olympic sport are on the rise.

Simultaneously, as the sport continues to grow and gain recognition worldwide, its momentum is undoubtedly propelling it towards a global spotlight.

Challenges and Opportunities

Challenges for padel’s inclusion in the Olympics include competition with other racket sports and the need for further global expansion and recognition.

However, the sport also presents opportunities, such as the growing global interest in padel and the backing from governing bodies like the International Padel Federation.


Padel is quickly growing in popularity, infrastructure, and market reach, furthermore, it has prospects for more expansion and Olympic inclusion.

Due to its accessibility and thrill, it has attracted millions globally, thereby positioning it as a rising sport.

As it gains more recognition and support, and with potential Olympic participation, padel is on track to be a pivotal sport in the racket sports domain.

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